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Jambi CIty Tour – DJB-CT-077SWT

Traveled with families and friends is one of the main reasons to eliminate stress and strengthens kindship. In this tour we not only respond to the departure of the main group only, we are ready to take you traveled.

We will give you various attractions, not only famous with cullinary but the places, history and many more about Jambi.

On this a package, we are not see sights concept of natural only, we will give you to see sight indoor and outdoor.

City Tour Track


  • Batang Hari River is the first one to visit, using boat for the tour. You may recreation in here to view of the life social and cultural Jambi resident. While enjoy view panoramic of the longest natural river in Sumatra.





  • Next trip to Perjuangan Rakyat Jambi Museum which is located at Benteng Jambi City. In here you may see the picture and historical information people’s of Jambi fighting.




  • Next City Tour for Dekranasda (shopping souvenirs of Batik Jambi), in here there so many variant Batik of Jambi have characteristic itself different with others Batik. You may shopping cullinary also while in here.




  • Next trip to visit Traditional House of Jambi. The houses may view which located at Traditional House of Jambi Park in Ex Mtq jambi City.





  • Next is to visit Masjid 1000 Tiang, Masjid Agung Al Falah is the pride resident of Jambi. This mosque is unique, the structure is big but no walls, stick up with pillars, so has a nickname 1000 Tiang. Inside the mosque also full with relief and metal.




  • Last track to Tanggo Rajo Park & Gentala Arasy Tower, this place which is cullinaries place in Batang Hari riverside, while view of beautifull panoramic, there also has hotel and mall side by side. You may cross the river with walking through the bridge to Gentala Arasy Tower.



The City Tour has finished, thank you for your participate in our tour. Hope you satisfied with the vacation and the tour.


Services :

  • Get on and off as many time as you like
  • Tour Guide/Driver

Advantages :

  • Guided Walking Tour
  • personalize attention