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Jambi Adventure & Culture Paradise – DJB-A-078SWT

Traveled with families and friends is one of the main reasons to eliminate stress and strengthens kindship. In this tour we not only respond to the departure of the main group only, we are ready to take you traveled.

We will give you various attractions, not only famous with cullinary but the places, history and many more about Jambi.

On this a package, we are not see sights concept of natural only, we will give you to see sight indoor and outdoor.



  • After arrive at Jambi and gathering, first our adventure will be went to Mount Kerinci, with the beautifull of panoramic and natural charmin. The trip will be achievable through airplane less than 1 hour and through the land about 6 hour. After arrive in Kerinci and hiking with the highness 3805 m. In here also has Kerinci Seblat National Park.





  • Next trip to Muara Jambi Temple the located at Muara jambi Region, may pass through the river  and land less than 1 hour. In there we may view ancient relics, the biggest temple in Asia.





  • Next to Celebrate Masyarakat Peduli Danau Kerinci Festival, this yearly tourism event held towards the end of the year. This festival show up art culture, also production of local community, variant attractions show and exhibiton.






  • Time to visit Rumah Batu (Stone House) which located at Olak Kemang across Jambi city which is Jambi Sultanate historical, that is Prince Wirokusumo. Old building estimated the age is 200 years still solid.





  • Gunung Tujuh Lake. This lake is so really beautifull of the panoramic, the beautifull one in East Asia. In this lake also, so many species of fish and only at that lake. Not far away from the lake, there’s some waterfall you may visit and view.





  • Geopark Merangin. Our last adventure and culture will be visit Geopark Merangin, this place is geology area, and will be full of potential ancients. The located in stream Batang Merangin River at Merangin regency, Jambi province. Can be reached about 4 hour from Jambi.



Services :

  • Get on and off as many time as you like
  • Tour Guide/Driver

Advantages :

  • Guided Walking Tour
  • personalize attention